Max 6.0.5がリリースされました。

Max 6.0.5がリリースされました。


New Features:

  • jit.phys.multiple @mass attribute
  • projects: added file icons for stylesheet and vectorimagefile
  • project: known, but non-explicitly-supported files can now be added to projects (e.g. html)
  • triangle~: lo and hi are now attributes

Bugs Fixed:

  • projects: added file icons for stylesheet and vectorimagefile
  • allpass~: fixed various issues
  • audio: fix for starting audio while being notified audio is stopping
  • bitshift~: now sounds the same as Max 5
  • dac~: fix for ‘set’ message
  • database: improved startup times and CPU load when database is being built
  • dialog: window no longer appears behind floating windows
  • dict.route: fix for various crashes
  • export image: no longer shows selection highlight
  • gen~: no longer loses buffer association when patcher is re-compiled.
  • gl texture: fixed planeswap on readback to matrix
  • gl.cornerpin: fixed issue with texture flipping
  • gl.handle: @auto_handle can be set in max box
  • inspector: inspecting in a max for live device doesn’t switch objects properly
  • inspector: fixed crash on inspecting lots of objects
  • jit.buffer~ / jit.catch~: fixed crash if QuickTime isn’t installed
  • jit.gen / jit.pix: misc math fixes
  • jit.gen/jit.pix/ fixed crash when typing an argument in box (Win only)
  • / fixed viewport and resizing texture issues
  • fix for crash caused by error post
  • fix for “unavailable context” error
  • subtex_matrix now works
  • fix for Windows double-reverse planemapping
  • jit.path: fix for crash when dimension is less than 3, and the evallength message is called
  • jit.phys.*: constraint position2 attribute no longer ignored
  • jit.phys.*:constraint motor attributes typed in max box now work
  • jit.phys.body: fix for crash when reinstantiating while connected to a constraint
  • jit.phys.body: misc fixes for @forces_relative attribute
  • jit.phys.body and phys.multiple: @enable 0 typed in box now works
  • jit.phys.conetwist: misc limit attributes fixes
  • jit.phys.ghost: fix for custom filters
  • jit.pix: fix for input planecount < 4 causing garbled data
  • jweb: @autosize attribute now works
  • Max For Live: fixed paste & replace crash when audio running
  • Max For Live: When M4L editor is open, M4L devices in other tracks are editable
  • Max For Live parameters: parameters not limited to 512 (was causing non-operable UI)
  • Max for Live: deferred events being run in the scheduler thread
  • nslider: fix for mouse in poly mode
  • pattrforward: object in a subpatcher is retargeted after save
  • project: known, but non-explicitly-supported files can now be added to projects (e.g. html)
  • reference browser: re-enabled a preference for static docs (to be used if dynamic docs are slow)
  • scheduler: fixed miscellaneous crashes
  • spectroscope~: fixed crash in sonogram mode
  • tapin~/tapout~: provide more informative warning when objects are in different dsp chains
  • threadsafety: fixed issue with calling typed methods
  • uzi: outputs proper value when interrupted
  • vst~: parameters can be modulated by full name
Max 6.0.5がリリースされました。

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